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Stanford’s Department of Management Science & Engineering founded the Center for Work, Technology & Organization (WTO) in 1996 to promote research about work and work practices in organizations.

WTO is the only university-based research center in the United States dedicated to studying work and its interplay with organizations and technologies. As contemporary society moves away from its industrial roots, we seem to know less and less about the work that people do. Consequently, we lack information that is crucial for debating and addressing the challenges posed by a post-industrial economy. The Center for Work, Technology & Organization aims to help fill this gap in our theoretical and applied knowledge.

Our mission revolves around three core intentions:

  • To generate, synthesize, and compile knowledge on the relationships between work, technology, and organization.
  • To disseminate and augment basic knowledge and theory by developing educational programs on work and technology and by assisting organizations in solving problems related to WTO's expertise.
  • To build an extended intellectual community of people from academia, industry and government who are concerned with issues of work and technology.

WTO's research features concern for work, mainly in technical settings, and considers the organizational issues implicated at the intersection of work and technology. We encourage you to browse our website and email us if you have questions or want more information about WTO.

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