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PhD Program

Why WTO? Well, there are lots of reasons…
  • WTO offers the only doctoral program in organizational studies in the United States located in an engineering school.
  • WTO faculty have international reputations as leading researchers in the field of organization studies.
  • WTO doctoral students combine studies in engineering, management, sociology, and psychology to build a unique and balanced perspective on work, technology, and organizations.
  • WTO doctoral students have full access to Stanford’s entire organization studies community which is one of the largest in the country.
  • WTO welcomes applications from students with either social science or technical degrees. The mixing of engineering and social science is the department’s trademark.
  • WTO faculty work closely with a tightly-knit cohort of WTO doctoral students.

If we are to successfully adapt to today’s new technical environment, we must understand how technologies affect day-to-day activities and perceptions. Studying in WTO, you will learn to understand the important interactions among technology, work and organizing so that you can potentially affect the course of these changes directly. Lab meetings are hosted by WTO and held several times a quarter. Sharing news builds our community, and discussion of early stage research by faculty and students shapes our research and the construction of our identity as scholars studying work, technology, and organization. The objectives of our lab meetings are to foster community development, norms, and group mentoring between faculty and students in WTO. To achieve the objectives, meetings are open only to WTO faculty and students.